Hopping with Easter Egg History!

Posted Apr 17 2019, 1:10 am

Easter is upon us, and you are already hunting for eggs through this fun author hop!

Eggs have always been a symbol of fertility (along with hares or rabbits). Early Christians adapted the eggs into their Easter practice by making the egg a symbol of the resurrection with the empty shell representing the empty tomb. During medieval times, people didn’t eat eggs in observance of Lent. On Easter, their feast would include the eggs, which were often painted red to symbolize the blood of Christ. In 1290, King Edward I of England, had 450 eggs painted with colors or gold leaf to be given to those living in his household at Easter.

The iconic Easter egg hunt is thought to have originated in the late 1500’s in Germany with the Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. He would organize egg hunts for his congregation. The men would hide the eggs for the women and children to find, in remembrance that the empty tomb was discovered first by women.

In the 1800’s, Queen Victoria enjoyed many Easter egg hunts throughout her life, noting them often in her journals. Eggs were often boiled in onion skins or gorse to give them a golden color.

Chocolate Easter eggs first appeared in France and Germany in the early 1800’s and came to Britain in 1873. They were very popular just as they are now. By the early 20th century, as society changed, Easter egg decorating and hunts became less tied to religious observance and more to family, home, and springtime fun.

Do you and your family decorate eggs at Easter? Does your family participate in egg hunts?




12 responses to “Hopping with Easter Egg History!”

  1. Ashley Snyder says:

    wow i didnt know half of that. Thanks love learning new info.

  2. Brenda Dickson says:

    Love reading and learning so much about the egg history!

  3. Michelle Duhon says:

    This was a wonderful read. Thanks Heather. Wishing you a Blessed Easter.🐰🐣🦋🌻💝

  4. Betul says:

    We don’t decorate eggs or participate in egg hunts at Easter? So I enjoy hunting for Easter eggs online 😉

  5. Mary McCoy says:

    We do not do egg hunts at home, except online! Happy Easter!

    • So glad you did our egg hunt on line, Mary : ) We did a small egg hunt in the back yard with my three kids. They are getting kind of old for it, but I hide a $5 bill in one egg, so they are game – LOL!

  6. Tiffany Hook says:

    Wow.thanks for sharing the History I loved learing new things!HAPPY EASTER🐣🐇💐

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