Sudden Death?

Posted Oct 27 2018, 2:00 pm

Warning: The following post is only for mature audiences who do not have heart issues. Pregnant women, children and the elderly should not scroll down.

Really! I mean it! Don’t keep scrolling down!

It’s gruesome. And hungry.

With fangs and things!






Run! Away! Turn! Back!

You’ve been warned…







Happy Halloween!

For suffering through my little trick, here is a chance to win a little prize! Thanks for playing along!

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8 responses to “Sudden Death?”

  1. Linda Herold says:

    Casper the Ghost!

  2. Olivia F. says:

    Frankenstein’s Monster

  3. Carole Burant says:

    Such a fun post, glad I didn’t run away! lol My favourite scary character is Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street!! Shivers!

  4. Monty Python NEVER gets old!

  5. Mary McCoy says:

    My favorite scary character is the classic Dracula

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