About the Book

The Dragonfly Chronicles are being updated for re-release in 2020!

If you are in the middle of the series, and need to purchase one or more of the books, I have a few print copies on my shelf, which I can sell at cost. Contact me at for more information. Thanks!


Follow Kailin to 19th century Egypt where she struggles to control her mother’s magical gift of telekinesis. To save her archeologist father she must unearth the cryptic Orb of Life.

But the kidnappers aren’t the only ones after the power over life and death. The demons who killed her biological parents have caught up to Kailin. Only her complete surrender to the American cowboy, Jackson Black, the only man who can mute her powers, will save her life.

But when Kailin discovers Jackson’s secret, it will take more than magic to save her heart. It will take trust and the ultimate treasure – love.