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Jackson stood up and the glow of the rising sun broke over the edge of the far off dunes, flooding him with an orange-yellow light. It was as if he reflected the unleashed solar power of the pharaoh’s sun god himself. He walked to the rail and Kailin admired the way his rugged pants fit his hindquarters and muscular thighs like wavy sand over a landscape. He turned and for the briefest of heartbeats she stared at his groin before her gaze flew up his chest to his…grin.

Kailin’s face flamed with the sun. Long fingers caught in her skirts as she tried to force the blush to recede, but it continued along with Jackson’s teasing look. She didn’t notice anything except the heat in her cheeks until Jackson pivoted to lean out over the rail.

“Kailin!” he yelled. She swallowed hard over the sound of thrashing and splashing. Kailin leapt up from the chaise lounge and ran across the deck. Birds, reptiles, even some fish jumped from the water. Two crocodiles clawed their way up the steep bank on the opposite side of the small boat. Bubbles popped and boiled along the surface of the Nile. Heat steamed up from the surface. Jackson turned to her, a whispered order already on his lips. “Kailin, stop! The river…it’s bloody boiling!”

Air churned somewhere between her lungs and her lips, stuck. She forced a breath out. “Touch me, Mr. Black.”