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My latest release is the first book in a brand new Highlander series called the Sons of Sinclair series! HIGHLAND CONQUEST can be found in Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Millions, Walmarts, and some grocery stores across the US. It can also be ordered at any of the online retailers in both print and digital. 

Cain Sinclair has a plan. In order to finally bring peace to his clan, he will wed the young female chief of their greatest enemy. Only problem: capturing her and forcing her back to Sinclair castle doesn’t exactly make her want to say yes. Ella Sutherland may be clever, passionate, and shockingly beautiful, but what she isn’t is willing.

Every attempt Cain makes to woo her seems to backfire on him. A gift? The kitten practically claws his eyes out. A competitive game of chess? Even when he wins, he loses. It seems the only time the two ever see eye to eye is when they’re heating up Cain’s bed. Still, the only thing Ella truly wants is the one thing he cannot offer her: freedom.

But when Cain discovers she’s been harboring a secret―one that could threaten both clans’ very existence―he’ll have to decide between peace for the Sinclairs or the woman who’s captured his heart.

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I also just turned in the first draft of book #2 in my newest Sons of Sinclair series: HIGHLAND WARRIOR. Even though it won’t be out until next year, take a look at this brawny cover!

I am also editing the first book in another new Highland series – The Brothers of Wolf Isle. I can’t wait for you to meet Adam, Branan, Callum, Drostan, and Eagan! 

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