Rohaise the Red – the Real Ghost of Delgatie Castle

on October 28, 2022

Do you like spooky stories? Maybe ghost stories? Especially around Halloween?  My spooky novella, Rohaise the Red, releases on Halloween 2022! For only 99 cents! I originally wrote Rohaise the Red for an anthology, but now it is available on its own. It takes place in the 17th century at Delgatie Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland…. Read More


Real Live Ghost at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

on October 28, 2022

This past June (2022) I traveled to the east coast of Scotland for the RARE Edinburgh book signing. After the fabulous signing, my husband, two friends, and I explored the east coast. The 16th century Dunnottar Castle was one of the amazing castles we visited (twice). The fact that it is listed as one of… Read More


Heather McCollum Book List

on March 3, 2022

To help you keep track of which of my books you own or have read, here is a handy list of all the ones that are released or about to be released. They are listed in chronological order in each series. Thank you for reading my stories! Heather P.S. Just right mouse click on the… Read More


My Haunted House

on October 29, 2021

Heather’s Haunted House My dad loves “fixer uppers,” which is why he bought an abandoned house when I was starting high school. The grass around the two-story, slate-roofed house stood to my waist. A sloping wrap-around porch had turned gray, and loose boards could swallow your foot. The house had been built in three parts,… Read More

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Flash Fiction – Worked to Death

on October 26, 2020

Have you ever read any Flash Fiction? It is the telling of a whole story in a very short number of words. Some flash fiction sites ask for as little as 53 words. Others as many as 2000. Two sentence horror stories fall under Flash Fiction. I wrote this little flash story to a 500… Read More


Flash Fiction – Interview with Dracula

on October 27, 2018

  Abigail Newton entered through the arched doorway into Bran Castle. “Hello?” Only the lonesome whistle of wind answered. Straightening her shoulders and clutching her notebook, she called louder. “Mister Dracula? I’m here for the interview.” A flash of movement caught her eye, and she gasped as the shadow stepped away from the velvet papered… Read More


Heather’s Real-Life Haunted House

on October 27, 2018

I’m an only child, and my parents divorced when I was nine. My dad moved to Virginia. He loved, and still loves, “fixer uppers” which is why he bought an abandoned house. I first came to see “the mansion” when I was twelve years old. The grass around the two-story, slate-roofed house stood to my… Read More


The Haunting of Kisimul Castle

on October 10, 2017

This is a continuation story that takes place at the end of my book, THE WOLF OF KISIMUL CASTLE. This serial, originally posted in parts on my Facebook Author page through October 2017, serves as an epilogue to the original book since my brawny hero may have some internal issues still to resolve. I’ve tried… Read More