Welcome to the castle bedchamber! 


With Spring in the air, and Beltane just around the corner, here is a little excerpt from A ROSE IN THE HIGHLANDS, after a Beltane Festival. Sigh… how I’d like to have a brawny Highlander help give me a bath in the rain. 

He looked out at the pouring rain. It hadn’t let up at all. In fact, it seemed to come down in solid sheets. He needed a cold swim to lower his rock-hard cock anyway. He grabbed her hand. It was cool and small, and he imagined it wrapped around him. Blast. He groaned low in his chest.

Grey gave a small tug. “Let us get ye clean then.”

“Clean?” she asked, her breath shallow. She looked down where their hands joined together.

“Aye.” He placed his palm up under the rain. “Get your gown free of fish.”

She groaned, her eyes shutting momentarily. The action caught his breath, but she was only lamenting the incident with Kirstin.

“Come,” he said and pulled her out under the curtain of rain. They ran away from the barn. Within minutes they were soaked through.

“Where are we going?” she called.

“Soap,” he said, leading her toward a trough near where he worked with horses.


The thick copse of trees near the fence sheltered them from the harder rain. Dropping her hand, Grey reached under a wooden bench to a box, pulling it up and opening it. In the darkness, he felt inside and found the bar of lemon balm soap.

“I’m drenched through,” Evelyn said, her breath coming out in pants from their run. “At least the exercise warmed me.”

“Turn around, and I’ll soap ye up.”

“What?” It was completely dark, but his eyes had adjusted so that he could see the outline of her face.

“The soap,” he said. “We may as well get ye clean in the rain.”

A loud chuckle escaped her, and she threw her hands up to land gently on her hips. “This night couldn’t get any more bizarre.” She spun around, and Grey ran the lemon-scented soap down her back and the skirt to the hemline where the fish water tainted it.

“I can wash the front,” she said, turning around. He handed the bar to her and, although she was hidden in shadows, he could see her rub it over her clothed breasts and down her bodice. He sucked in a shallow breath, the rush of rain a background noise to the pounding of his blood. His mouth pressed together as water dripped from his head. He wiped his eyes quickly so as not to miss any of her movements. She looked up, meeting his gaze, and handed back the bar. Her lathered hands rubbed across her naked chest above the wet, white linen of her smock. Even with the cold rain, his cock remained rigid.

Grey cleared his throat. “Your hair,” he said. “Ye’ll want the fish scent out of your hair.” He caught the movement of her nod, and she turned around. Rubbing the hard bar between his palms, he dropped it to the grass at his feet and reached for her heavy tresses. He worked his fingers through the mass, the curls weighed down by rainwater. Over and over he stroked, working down to skim the curve of her spine.

Building more lather from the soap and dropping it again, he paused as he spied the battered flower crown still anchored to the top of her head. He leaned into her ear. “I’ll have to take off your crown, lass.”

She turned her face, twisting at the waist to regard him in the darkness over her shoulder. “Of… of course.” Her voice was a whisper, drowned within the rush of rain hitting the leaves of the trees overhead.

Grey untangled the flowers from her weighted hair, letting it fall with the soap. He ran his palms over the top of Evelyn’s head, curling his fingers in to rake along her scalp, such an intimate part of her. He half expected her to jerk away, but she didn’t. Och, thank the Lord or the Devil, or whoever was keeping her still.

He kneaded her head gently, the lemon scent rising with the lather. She tipped her face to the sky, letting the rain pelt her cheeks. Her eyes were closed. He wished he could see clearly, her beautiful pale skin, damp and clean, the long lashes he knew must be spiked with rainwater and spread around her eyes. Grey tasted the rain on his lips. Bloody hell. He wanted to taste Evelyn.