Highland Conquest

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Reviewed for Wit and Sin

Two strong, clever heads of opposing clans are the perfect match on and off the battlefield in Highland Conquest . Heather McCollum has kicked off her Sons of Sinclair with an engaging enemies-to-lovers tale.

Cain Sinclair was raised to be a conqueror. After the death of Cain’s mother, his father raised his sons to be the biblical Four Horseman, determined to see the Sinclairs rule a united Scotland. As the new chief of the Sinclair clan, Cain’s first order of business is to take over the holdings and people of their enemies, the Sutherlands. When he captures Ella Sutherland, the Sutherlands’ chief, Cain decides marrying her and absorbing her clan would be the best and most peaceful solution. Only Ella has no intention of submitting and giving away the birthright she’s held onto. It’s the perfect stage for a battle of wills, mostly because Cain and Ella are perfect for each other. If their clans weren’t warring, their love story would be a simple one. But duty and family are heavy burdens for each to bear.

Cain and Ella are strong, honorable characters who have their work cut out for them. Cain is trying to not only do right by his clan, but to live up to the legend his father wanted him to be. Ella was raised by a monster and has spent her life protecting others. Cain and Ella are easy to like and they have wonderful chemistry. Cain’s wooing and Ella’s escape attempts bring a liveliness and energy to what would could otherwise be a heavy book. There is a core of respect to the romance that I really enjoyed. And though Ella is Cain’s captive, there is expressed consent when things turn carnal. Everything about Cain and Ella’s romance worked and I was rooting for them to find a way to get their happily ever after. Both have hard choices to make throughout the story and sometimes the easiest road isn’t what’s best or what’s right for the one you’re coming to love and the people you hold dear.

Highland Conquest is the first book in the Sons of Sinclair series and I finished it looking forward to more. In particular, I cannot wait to see what Ms. McCollum has in store for the youngest brother, Bàs.

This book had great conflict between Cain and Ella from the start. Ella is captured and Cain plans to bring their two clans together by marrying her. She’s an unwilling bride and Cain decides he needs to woo her. His attempts don’t go well but as she sees different facets to Cain she does start to soften her stance. Ella is a strong character and has honed her own abilities as a warrior. I liked both of these characters and how Cain and Ella, but mainly Cain, had to grow and change to be together. I felt Ella was portrayed in a way that showed her vulnerability but also her strength. When Ella took actions that were risky, I found it refreshing that I understood why she was taking them, that she had skills, and also knew her limitations.

Cain’s brothers are interesting in their own right and I can’t wait to read their stories.