Real Live Ghost at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

Door #1 with Flora my Highland Coo

In June 2022, I traveled to the east coast of Scotland for the RARE Edinburgh book signing. After the fabulous signing, my husband, two friends, and I explored the east coast. The 16th century Dunnottar Castle was one of the amazing castles we visited (twice). The fact that it is listed as one of the most haunted castles in Scotland was a bonus!

Being a Scottish historical romance author, I naturally dressed in one of my historical gowns to tour the castle, which was built on a site with an even older history. While walking in the centuries-old brewery in one of the ruined buildings, I read the plaque about a ghost that was sometimes seen there. The spirit was known to wear a green gown and seemed to be looking for her children. One theory is that she was a native Pict, looking for her “children” who had turned Christian.

Photo by Flint O’Brien 2022

As I was moving around the brewery’s dark room, running my hands over the ancient walls, the gray stone seemed to turn colder. I shivered, wrapping my light shawl around my shoulders, and headed toward the doorway to seek the sun again. As I was leaving the room, my friend snapped a picture of me. Later that night, as he flipped through them, he called me over. I was startled to see a white orb over my shoulder in the picture. And the look on my face shows how my instincts were quite insistent that I leave the room quickly.

Of the thousands of pictures he took throughout the ten days we were touring throughout Scotland, the anomaly wasn’t seen on any other picture. Maybe the Lady in Green of Dunnottar Castle was curious about this other lady in green visiting.

Have you ever encountered a ghost?

Lady in Green?

2 thoughts on “Real Live Ghost at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland”

  1. Ann says:

    No ghost encounters as of yet.

  2. Donna Killian says:

    We lived in old farmhouse and my mother in-law and aunt thought they saw someone looking out the upstairs window but everyone was outside. Sometimes it felt like someone was there.

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