Highland Warrior

About the Book

Coming in April 2021! Available NOW for pre-order!

Late Fall of 1589, Orkney off the northern coast of Scotland

Joshua Sinclair, Highland warrior, who was raised by a maniacal father as the horseman of war, has a secret. He does not want to battle. His philosophy on winning war is taken from ancient wisdom. Intimidate first. If that does not stop the enemy, then crush your opponent quickly to prevent more deaths and misery with a drawn-out campaign. Not everyone agrees with his strategy.

When, Kara Flett, native to Orkney and new chief of her people, learns that the strongest, most notorious and brutal warrior in the land, is no longer training her enemy, she throws together a risky plan to bring him to their side of the conflict. To save her family, she must convince him to lead them in a fight against the Scottish earl taking over her home and oppressing her people. She cannot convince him with threats, gold, or tears, so she employs the only tactic available to her – seduction. But her hasty plans burn to ash as the Highlander and she come together in a carnal inferno.

Fury sparks within Joshua when he learns that Kara has tricked him into staying on Orkney. But he cannot turn his back on the beautiful, clever, determined woman who has captured his thoughts, dreams, and possibly his soul. Can he make her understand why he won’t raise his sword against her enemy? Will Kara ever forgive him for refusing to lead her people to their inevitable deaths in a futile war? Will he give in to her request and kill the Scottish earl, which will bring down King James’ wrath on his own clan? Caught between his need to help Kara and her family and his experience that tells him a war with the earl of Orkney will end in too much loss, Joshua must put his trust in something even greater than war, hate, and death. Will the love that has formed between him and Kara be enough to save them all?