The Highlander’s Pirate Lass

Beck Macquarie, captain of the Calypso and second brother to the Macquarie chief, patrols the waters off the shores of his clan’s ancestral home, Wolf Isle. Always on the lookout for English, French, and pirates, Beck can’t help his curiosity when a beautiful woman waves frantically to him from a deserted isle. After rescuing her and three children, he doesn’t anticipate her changing into sailor’s breeches and taking over his ship when a pirate ship comes into range.

Desperate to save her wards and herself from the clutches of the infamous pirate who desires her, Eliza Wentworth commandeers the Scotsman’s ship. A renowned liar, she manages to bluff the pirate into not attacking. The taunt that he has something she will trade herself for, doesn’t change her mission to find the captain and crew who rescued her when she was a child. When the Scotsman offers to help her after not apprehending her, she takes his offer. Besides, he is brawny, kind, and the perfect man to teach her about the pleasures that can be found in and out of his bed.

When Eliza learns that her pirate family has been captured by the English, she will do anything to save them. The regrets of her past are so heavy that she will even sacrifice the growing feelings she has for Beck in order to cleanse away her sins. With discovered blood ties to royalty in England, Eliza makes a deal with the English commander. To save her pirate family she must truly steal Beck’s ship. But she doesn’t anticipate Beck climbing aboard, with a fury as large as her need to complete her mission. Will he help her even though she has betrayed him too?

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