The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance

What They're Saying...

“My Favorite (5 stars):
Highland Heart by Heather McCollum ~*~The setup is a bit complicated to blurb without giving too much away… When woman with healing powers forms an instant connection with a warrior and the momentary distraction changes both of their lives ~~ this story was everything you’d want from a medieval highlander romance – both the hero and heroine were good – and it was also the first story in the anthology even though I read it about half way through.” melindeeloo Amazon review

“5 Stars – FUN! Took me a long time to find this book. Am very glad I did! It was a fun & enjoyable read. There’s a wide variety to the stories both in time periods and characters.
I have found several new authors to investigate so no sense in tarry’n here. Have a great time reading your way through these tales.” ~P~ Amazon review

“5 Stars – Good Book! I’m a romantic at heart and I simply adored this book; so many wonderful stories and so many different ways of telling them. I couldn’t put it down, but when I did, it was very easy to pick up where I left off.” M. Eyon Amazon review