Heather McCollum Book List

To help you keep track of which of my books you own or have read, here is a handy list of all the ones that are released or about to be released. They are listed in chronological order in each series. Thank you for reading my stories! Heather

P.S. Just right mouse click on the image to “Save image as” onto your computer for easy printing. 

3 thoughts on “Heather McCollum Book List”

  1. Shawn Blackdeer Miller says:

    I decided to go out of my comfort zone lol .. I have only read. Johanna Lindsey and Rosemary Rodgers and Kathleen Woodwiss (sp) I started at 16 and am now 61 😳I have to tell you thank you!! And i love your books .. I have read everyone in less than 2 months 💕I can’t wait to continue this journey. Shawn Blackdeer Miller
    Dougherty Iowa

  2. Colleen Aldrich says:

    Love the Sinclair’s. Just finished book 2. On to book 3. Hope there will be a book 4!!

  3. Carrol says:

    Why can I not get the other two books in the series of The Queen’s Highlanders? The Counterfeit Queen – The Lady Of Misrule

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