Highland Justice

About the Book

Gideon Sinclair, the third Sinclair brother, judges everything in stark terms of good and evil. There is nothing in between, and he is efficient at weighing the odds, deciding what is fair, and passing judgement without mercy. Now that his clan has conquered the warring MacKays, Gideon will judge the MacKay people, punish the bad, and better the lives of the good. Judging is as easy to him as breathing, until he meets Cait MacKay, who steals his breath along with his gold Sinclair ring.

A young widower, Cait MacKay, has given her life over to helping the orphaned children in the clan. She takes them in and surrounds them with love in a stable home. But love won’t keep food in their stomachs or chase away fevers, so Cait must use her special skills to help those she loves.

When Gideon unmasks Cait as his nighttime thief, he punishes her before the village. Even though he is lenient, any beginning of trust between them is shattered. When the Scottish king visits and one of Cait’s boys is accused of stealing from the royal coffers, Cait will do anything to save him, even committing treason herself. Will Gideon, a man raised to honor and uphold justice, become a traitor to help the woman who’s stolen his heart?