About the Book

Book Three in the Guardians series!
Copy of Dragonfly Shield (2)

Trapped for two-hundred years in a golden urn, Deidre Lamont’s soul has lived and died eleven times. Freed from the curse and given a new body, Deidre must learn to survive in the modern world as high school senior, Avery Sanders. But navigating the social, cultural, and family dynamics of 21st century America is dizzying, despite the Magic Alliance’s assistance.

With help from the three siblings she’d protected in 18th century Paris, and a good dose of magic, Deidre tries to assimilate into Avery’s life while retaining her own identity. But when a sinister shadow stalks her, tormenting her about the past, Deidre can’t deny her magical powers or her secret love any longer. Both are growing out of control, which could lead to utter destruction.