Highland Beast

About the Book

“My mother was my first execution.” Bàs Sinclair has lived under the weight of his guilt for his mother’s death when she died birthing him. Raised to be the executioner for the mighty Sinclair Clan, Bàs lives a solitary life away from family and friends. Secretly he cares for the animals who flock to his home in the forest. He only ventures beyond when called upon to battle or punish criminals. He’s questioned his existence and purpose but has never escaped it.

Shana Drummond, midwife and loyal sister, sees firsthand the abuse her sister has survived in her marriage to the Oliphant chief. When her sister begs her to take her newborn son away, swearing that the baby died, Shana runs into the woods with her nephew. Nearly dying with the child in the snowy forest, Shana is rescued by the largest Highlander she’s ever seen. Despite his grave countenance, scars, and large number of weapons, the Highlander is gentle and kind.

When Shana is captured by her sister’s husband, she is sentenced to death for treason when she says the boy is dead. Can Bàs execute the woman who has thawed his frozen heart? How can he be an impartial executioner when his own life, and everything he’s been taught to believe, is on the scaffold?