Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

About the Book

In Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them, twenty-eight romance fiction writers from diverse subgenres reveal their real-life stories of how they met, wed and love—and are loved and supported by—their spouses and life partners.
At times whimsical and laugh-out-loud funny (Jacquie D’Alessandro’s “Donny & Me?”, Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick’s “Soul Mates for a Thousand Lifetimes”), at others poignant and bittersweet (Elf Ahearn’s “A Lost Friend, A Movie Star, A Man to Love Forever”), all unfailingly inspiring (Lisa Renée Jones’s “Unexpected Treasures”; Deanna Raybourn’s “Once in a Blue Moon”), each essay celebrates that most powerful and sacred of human bonds. Love.
Happily Ever After isn’t only the stuff of romance novels and fairy tales. It is every woman’s birthright.
• Deanna Raybourn
• Lisa Renée Jones
• Jacquie D’Alessandro
• May McGoldrick
• Julie. Kenner
• Katharine Ashe
• Delilah Marvelle
• Leslie Carroll
• Elf Ahearn
• Carole Bellacera
• Caryn Moya Block
• Katana Collins
• Sonali Dev
• Megan Frampton
• Leanna Renee Hieber
• Jen McLaughlin
• Suzan Cólon
• Donna Grant
• Mary Rodgers
• Kat Simons
• Hope Tarr
• Patience Bloom
• Elisabeth Staab
• Carlene Love Flores
• K.M. Jackson
• Heather McCollum
• Cindy Nord
• Sara Jane Stone