Siren’s Song

What They're Saying...

“I really loved this whole story and I couldnt put this book down. The myth was done great and Jule and Luke were some of the best characters i have read this year. I cant wait to read more books from Heather and she is a really great author!
I give the book 5 stars!” Amazon Reviewer

“I was pleasantly surprised by the utter fabulousness of this book. At first I was expecting the storyline to somehow tie into Greek mythology, since sirens as a part of “The Odyssey”. But then it went a completely different direction and I couldn’t stop reading! I just had to know what was coming next! The romance was totally swoon-worthy, despite the dark undertones of what was affecting the characters. The last few chapters had me frantically turning pages, needing to know how it would turn out. And it was a nail-biter! But in the end, all is well, and there’s a beautiful ending.” Amazon Reviewer

‘Siren’s Song’ is a totally enthralling young adult fantasy/paranormal novel that had me in it’s grip from the very first words.” Stephanie on Goodreads

I really didn’t know what to expect with this one. To me, Heather McCollum = Hunky Highlanders, albeit with a dash of paranormal, but this? Contemporary. YA. Fantasy. It was so different, but so very, very good! I absolutely loved it!” The Demon Librarian on Goodreads